We have compiled a list of usefull, interesting and fun resources to help you select the right product for your application. And if you are an HVAC mechanic, or an HVAC sales professional, we have also selected some very informative boiler and burner operation, as well as system design videos to help you on your jurney to become the best in your field.
We will be posting more resources as we happen upon them, so please visit this page frequently if you find them valuable.


All of the videos included herein are the property of their respective owners. EJ Walsh may endorse some of the products shown, but we do not claim that the information presented within the below videos is correct and / or accurate, and that it applies to every situation, or design of any system.
All and any repairs to HVAC equipment must be carried out by a licensed HVAC mechanic.

Product Support Videos

Assembling Burnham Cas Iron Sections

Burnham MPC Boiler Operation

Alzeta Radiant Burner

K2 Condensing Boiler by US Boiler Company

Evolution Condensing Boiler

Boiler & Burner Operation and System Design Videos

Why Do We Need A Buffer Tank?

Cleaning the Heat Exchanger in a K2 and Combi Boiler

Proper Use Of A Vacuum Breaker In A Steam System


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